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Bringing together personal and corporate development

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The company has been constantly increasing the number of employees for years and today we have about 13 workers in Serbia, Italy and Croatia, which supply central and northern regions in Italy and Serbia and the northern region of Croatia. In this way we are placing food and supplements in the diet of pigs farms and households that purchase goods directly from us.

Why do you should to get employed in our company?

Our company is:

  • Dynamic, flexible and innovative
  • Has prepared and experienced professional staff
  • Has responsible and commercial staff in the field of business

Master Pig strives for constant economic growth and expansion of the sales market. All this requires a continuous investment in the development of professional staff and improving sales and customer support, and the results are visible year after year.

The company is constantly searching for workers who has:

  • Experience food sales
  • Knowledge of information-communication technologies
  • Negotiation capabilities
  • Excellent knowledge of the local market as well as market trends
  • Good technical skills - ability to provide technical explanations
  • Good English and Italian knowledge
  • Valid driving license B category