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The quality of the MasterPig products is indisputable, the dufference of the products is given by the raw materials used, their quantity in the composition and their processing. In particular, to be at the forefront and in step with the needs and demands of the market, MasterPig makes use of the collaboration of a Dutch company: The STARTIX.

The Nordic countries (Holland, Denmark in particular) are the largest and best producers of food for pigs, as well as pigs themselves. Their fame is consolidated and recognized.


very delicate and refined raw materials

"Sottoscrofa" or "Creepfeed"

STARTIX offers us their advice and their own products in concession for the Italian market. "Sottoscrofa" or "Creepfeed" feeds are very technological feeds made up of many very delicate and refined raw materials.

Furthermore, their melting must be homogeneous and very palatable for the piglet. No mistakes are allowed: a wrong start of the suinetto seriously compromises the productive and therefore economic result of the company.

For this reason and for generally low consumption, MasterPig recommends its purchase in the complete formula.