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Who are we?

Company development

Although it is relatively short on the domestic and regional markets, the company "Master Pig" managed to position itself at the very top among domestic poultry sellers. We did it thanks to a clear vision of continuous development, good management and realization of planned business activities. Our business partners and customers, who correctly identified them, certainly helped us in this quality of our products, responsibility in business and compliance with agreed deadlines.

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Cooperators and partners

Of course, our cooperators, especially individual producers from our surroundings, have great influence in this dynamic development of the company, with whom we foster a neighborly, partnership and friendly relationship.

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The mutual mutual trust during the sale and delivery of the product is from the year the year is growing and is based on respect for all agreements.

What made us better than others?

Our great advantage over other suppliers of European and regional food market for pigs is that our clients, in addition to buying products I can count on complete support and pig breeding support .

This support involves monitoring the complete flow of pig breeding with assistance our technologists and veterinarians. This way of business creates a relationship of mutual trust that gives our clients the opportunity not only to buy our products, already opens the doors to our company in the active participation of the complete breeding of pigs .

Our desire to be in the forefront of our business associates and all consumers is our concern to constantly invest in improving the quality of all production and business processes, as well as the products themselves.