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Veterinary and technology assistance

Veterinary and nutritional assistance, technical and management solutions

MasterPig is a young and dynamic company dealing with all activities about pigs. It provides the Assistance and Consultations services specific to each breeder's need. In addition to technical and commercial-information services provided by trained and trusted staff, MasterPig guarantees the presence of equally important and indispensable staff such as:

  • Formulists
  • Veterinaries
  • Experts for the pig market


Behind the creation of each product, there is a Formulist prepared and expert in the pig sector. Why be formulists of prosotti for pigs, is not just a question of chemistry and physiology, but of chemistry and physiology inserted in the context of pig breeding: a sector composed of people prepared and motivated by passion and the market: a mistake costs money and compromises the future of a company: MasterPig knows it and therefore does not admit untrained and non-passionate professionals to work.


Food products must be of high quality and profitable: their use must improve the health of the pig and increase its productivity. To achieve this goal, a good formulation with excellent and carefully chosen raw materials is not enough. The breeding that uses it must be healthy and follow the basic prophylaxis if not even indicated by the vademecum of the genetics in use or by the DOP. For this the advice of the veterinarian is a must.

MasterPig provides its veterinarians to communicate and exchange information with breeding veterinarians, in order to better achieve the objectives that the breeding - and MasterPig in concert - has established itself.

Experts for the pig market

The production of a breeding in the meat market, where supply and demand determine prices and company choices (from genetics to management). MasterPig offers its advice to all its customers. From the choice of genetics and therefore to the purchase of piglets; from the type of feeding (complete or nuclei - dry or wet) to the production (closed or open cycle) and to the sale of the slaughter pig.